#19 Protector

When I started drawing these comics, I didn't have much of a plan for where they would go. I had come up with a few gags that I thought would be fun to draw, and after I finished a handful I realized I wanted to do more. Almost fifteen years ago, my interest in comics had also led me to try my hand, but I was unable to maintain any kind of consistent schedule or vision. This time around, I knew I had the determination and subject matter to keep going for at least a little while longer, so I decided to hold myself to a twice-a-week update schedule.

An important factor in my being able to keep a regular schedule was not letting myself overthink what I was doing. I wanted to grow my skills with each comic - whether in landing a joke, drawing a character, or telling a story - but the most important thing was to have something ready to publish on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And I quickly learned, with a full work and family life, that creating on a schedule is no joke! My initial buffer didn't last long, and I've had more than a few late nights of drawing when I've known I was too tired to make the best art.

Now that I've been doing this for a couple of months, the direction I want to go moving forward is a little more clear. Some of my favorite strips so far, including today's, have been those where I'm able to visualizly represent the imagination of a child. While this whole comic is largely autobiographical, you can expect to see me working even more along those lines - mixing the fantastic with the fart jokes. The day-to-day of family life is at times unbearably exciting, but I find myself drawn to exploring inner lives (even though I'll never really understand what my kids are thinking).

So in the (slightly modified) words of Raffi, "If in my comic some day you happen to find a baboon basking in the balcony, or a lion licking a lemon in the lobby, or a python perched in the pantry - a wildebeest in the W.C with a turtle twirling in your tub - don't be afraid, just say you're a friend." And friends of this page are always welcome to send me an email or follow along on Instagram, where I share behind-the-scenes sketches and comics recommendations. As always, thanks for reading!


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Two Bits is a comic about life's smaller joys, created by Zach Walchuk. Zach lives in Minnesota, where he is inspired, amused, and often exhausted by the dad life. New comics weekly.

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