#21 Goal!

Short sleeves and grass? In March, in Minnesota? Believe it or not, we had a very warm weekend with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. Of course it snowed again today, but it's starting to feel springish!

This week's posts will both be a day late, as I was working on this Bone/LOTR mashup over the weekend:

I've been a big fan of Bone for close to fifteen years, and I had a ton of fun drawing some of the characters! I don't often include this level of detail in my comics, but I'm beginning to find places where it feels like a good fit.


Some favorites

Sam & Fuzzy | Questionable Content | Dumbing of Age | Dinosaur Comics | XKCD | Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal | Girls with Slingshots | Octopus Pie


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